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New Poll Shows Majority of Nebraskans Support Minimum Wage Increase

Voices for Children released a new poll today showing that 55% of Nebraskans support increasing the minimum wage with only 33% in opposition and the remaining undecided.  The poll surveyed a weighted sample of 600 Nebraskans from across the state late last month.  The poll found particularly strong support for increasing the minimum wage among women, who are also more likely than men to be minimum wage earners.

The Family Bottom Line Tool and report that we released last month shows that for nearly every family in every region of Nebraska, minimum wage would not be enough to make ends meet without assistance.  The cost of goods and services has continued to increase while wages have remained stagnant  Nebraska is a state that values work and values family and increasing the minimum wage is an important step toward ensuring that hard work pays off.

LB 943 would gradually increase the minimum wage to $9.00 by 2017 and a companion bill, LB 947, would increase the minimum wage for tipped workers.

The strong support for a minimum wage increase shows that Nebraskans believe an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay.  Contact your Senator today and tell him or her that you are one of the majority of Nebraskans who support an increase in the minimum wage.


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