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Nebraska kids and families: So much to be thankful for


Noah Haney – Age 3, Omaha, NE

In our day to day tireless efforts to improve child well-being and build pathways to opportunity for all children, it is so easy to get bogged down by what our state is not doing right. We are constantly looking at data and research on how our policies harm children and how we can always do so much better for our youngest Nebraskans. Oftentimes we forget how wonderful a place Nebraska is to raise a family and be a kid. Thanksgiving is a time for sharing food with those you love and care for most and for being mindful of all the countless good we have in our lives. In the spirit of the holiday, we thought it would be a great time to remind ourselves and all of our readers what the top 5 best data points are about being a kid in Nebraska.

  1. The percent of children living in poverty is at its lowest point in 5 years and each major demographic group has experienced declines in percent of kids in poverty this year.
  2. With this year’s passage of LP 81 providing child care subsidy transitional assistance, the cliff effect was decreased for an estimated 1,944 families.
  3. Nebraska has the lowest rate in the country of teens not in school and not working.
  4. Nebraska has the highest rate in the country of teens graduating high school on time.
  5. Our minimum wage accurately reflects what it takes for Nebraska families to make ends meet.

As we sit around our tables with our nearest and dearest this weekend, let’s be thankful to live in a place with so much going right for kids and families. As we roll in to the gift-giving holiday season, also remember to shop smart by using Amazon Smile to support Voices for Children or any other of the countless charitable organizations working to ensure that Nebraska remains a great place to be a kid.

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