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National Adoption Day


Something incredible happened last month. 15-year-old Davion Navar Henry Only’s plea for an adoptive family went viral, generating a flood of 10,000 inquiries from prospective parents in the US and abroad. But making a child’s dreams come true doesn’t require a national media blitz.   It doesn’t require National Adoption Month (November) or National Adoption Awareness Day (Saturday, November 23rd). It doesn’t even require a fast-approaching holiday season.

With the nearly 80 Nebraska children DHHS has listed as currently available for adoption, and the approximately 100,000 foster children waiting for adoption nation-wide, something incredible can happen each and every day.

When it comes to children affected by abuse and neglect, family values mean taking action to give children the best possible chance to grow up in a safe, stable, loving and permanent homes.  Many of the children available for adoption are old enough to understand how important it is to have a home and loving family of their own.

Today is a great day to visit the Nebraska Heart Gallery or contact an agency that works hard to find permanent homes for children  (like Lutheran Family Services) to find out how you can bring an adoptable child into your home and make their life, your life and our community that much better.


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