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“Don’t talk about it in front of the kids!”

I don’t know how most people my age were introduced to the issues of money and finance, but I have distinct early memories of my father telling my mother that money was not something to be talked about when the kids were in the room.  My family was undoubtedly well-intentioned and likely not alone in the philosophy that children were to be isolated from money matters, but in many ways this view is problematic.  Learning about money and financial matters is important, and children would be better served if parents started talking to them about money at an early age.   Things like giving kids an allowance and teaching them to save for things they want can be the building blocks of sounds financial behaviors that can last a lifetime.

Depending on where you grew up, the formal education system may or may not have included a financial education component.  So, if you haven’t learned about money from your parents and you didn’t learn about it in school, it is possible to go an entire lifetime without any real education about how to manage money other than the hard life lessons that are often the result of financial mistakes.

November 7th -13th is Money Smart Week in Nebraska.  Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help people better manage their personal finances.  Organizations across the state will be hosting a series of free financial education workshops and events and sharing resources online.   Learn more about Money Smart Week and the free events and resources available here and don’t forget to tell the kids!

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