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Digging deeper into detention facilities

We know that data help us understand the world we live in, especially when that world contains the particularly complex juvenile justice system – and the even more complex matter of racial and ethnic disparities within the system. Nationwide, youth of color are overrepresented in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, particularly as we look deeper into the system.

Let’s use an interactive graphic today to examine the variations in racial and ethnic populations served by Nebraska’s juvenile detention facilities in 2010. But first, a few basics . . .

Nearly 3,000 youth were held in Nebraska’s juvenile detention facilities. According to data from the facilities themselves, the number of youth detained in 2010 is as follows:

  • Lancaster County Detention Center: 818 youth
  • North East Nebraska Juvenile Services: 636 youth
  • Scotts Bluff County Detention Center: 145
  • Douglas County Youth Center: 1,350 youth

Were you surprised by any of the findings when you clicked around the infographic? Did you expect to see similarities or differences across facilities?

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