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Create a Tax Modernization Commission – Support LB 613

February 19, 2013

To: Members of the Executive Board

From: Carolyn Rooker, Executive Director

Re: Support for LB 613: Creation of the Tax Modernization Commission


In Nebraska, we pride ourselves on having built “the Good Life” for our children and families. The high quality of life that we enjoy was not created overnight and did not happen by accident. The education, health care, and other public systems that we enjoy today have been planned for and paid for by the taxpayers of the past.

Voices for Children in Nebraska supports LB 613 because it offers an opportunity for thoughtful and careful reform of our state’s tax structure. We have an opportunity to make meaningful, effective changes that will help enhance families’ economic stability and strengthen our investments in the key systems that put our children and our state on a path to a bright, productive future.   We owe it to our children and grandchildren to continue to make wise decisions with our state budget of which our state tax system is a large part. 

We are encouraged that an emphasis on equity, adequacy, and stability has been built into the work of the Commission, as well as stakeholder and community involvement. As this bill moves forward, we urge you to ensure that our state’s most vulnerable children and families are represented and their interests are protected.

We would like to thank Senator Schumacher and the Executive Board for their leadership and work to ensure our state and all of its children and families have access to a bright future.  We urge you to advance LB 613 as part of this important work. 

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