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Ask Your State Senator to Support LB 81


LB 81 May be Considered Today in the Legislature — Click Here to Contact Your State Senator!
Access to affordable child care is essential to keeping children safe so parents can work.  The child care subsidy program helps families who would otherwise be unable to afford child care access care so they can work.  Nebraska’s current eligibility for the child care subsidy program is among the lowest in the country, leading families to be cut off long before they can afford care independently.  This has resulted in what is known as the “cliff effect” that keeps families from increasing their financial stability because of being unable to afford child care.  LB 81 would address the “cliff effect” and incentivize work for families in the child care subsidy program. In order to advance this legislation, we need your help! Contact your state senator and ask him or her to support LB 81!

LB 81 would allow families to transition off of the child care subsidy program more gradually while still being able to afford child care.

LB 81 would provide time-limited transitional child care assistance for low-income working families.  This transitional child care assistance will allow a family to accept a small increase in income – either through a raise, an increase in hours, or a better job – without dropping off the child care “cliff.”

LB 81 does not change the initial income eligibility levels at which a family can become eligible for child care assistance (currently $1,800 per month for a single parent with 1 child).

Families accessing transitional child care assistance in LB 81 would be required to pay a portion of the cost of child care, based upon a sliding fee scale. The family’s contribution would increase as the family earns more income.  The family would remain eligible for up to two years or until their income reaches 185% FPL (approximately $2,400 per month for 1 parent, 1 child).

LB 81 has been scheduled on the Legislature’s agenda and is expected to be considered today. Contact your state senator and let him or her know you support LB 81!

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