We love comments. Really, we do. Telling the whole story takes lots of ideas and viewpoints and we encourage people to chime in. Ever since we’ve launched the blog and began posting on social media, we’ve had an informal comment policy. As long as there was no swearing and over-sharing of personal information (and it made it through our spam filter) we’ve allowed comments.
Unfortunately, the actions of some commenters have us questioning our decision. In order to keep comments constructive and on-topic, we’re rolling a new, formal comment policy. This change won’t mean much for the majority of the members of our community.

Here is the new policy:

We encourage you to comment on this blog and on our social media posts. All viewpoints are welcome, but please be constructive. We reserve the right to remove comments. Comments that are off-topic, defamatory, obscene,offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.

This site is public and we will remove any stories that contain personal information, particularly if it relates to a minor child.

The comments on our blog are moderated for relevance and obscenity, so please be patient in waiting to see them. We will review and post them as promptly as possible during regular business hours. Inappropriate posts on Facebook or other social media sites will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked.