All children deserve the best possible opportunity to succeed, but too often our children are left behind due to challenges related to poverty, hunger, geography, systemic inequities, and other issues.

Founded in 1987 by Kathy Bigsby Moore, Voices for Children in Nebraska has a 30 year track record of improving the lives of Nebraska’s children and youth through research, advocacy, and community engagement.

“Children don’t work on political campaigns, rarely talk to the media or testify in the judicial or legislative process and often can’t keep themselves safe, nurtured and healthy. Many children don’t even have a significant adult in their life capable of meeting their daily needs, much less speaking out for them. Voices for Children in Nebraska gathers information about those areas of need and disseminates that information to people who can make a difference in the lives of all Nebraska children.” – Kathy Bigsby Moore, Founder


Voices for Children in Nebraska is the independent voice building pathways to opportunity for all children and families through research, policy and community engagement.


We will engage the public and state leaders to build systems removing obstacles and promoting opportunities for ALL Children to lead healthy, secure and fulfilling lives.


Informed research drives our direction. When a policy is good, we support it; when it is harmful, we fight it; when it is missing, we can create it. Community engagement is how we promote systems change.

Most agencies focus on helping one child at a time and that is important, but we also have to work to address the larger challenges like poverty and hunger that result in children needing community supports in the first place. Policy victories for Nebraska’s children don’t just happen by accident. Using thorough research and skilled advocacy, Voices for Children is committed to ensuring that all Nebraska children continue to have a vital, trusted resource and voice in every classroom, courtroom, newsroom, and legislative chamber in the state.