For thirty years and counting, Voices for Children has used data and research to help policy makers and communities make informed decisions on issues impacting our next generation in the areas of health, child welfare, economic stability, and juvenile justice.


Voices for Children in Nebraska is the independent voice building pathways to opportunity for all children and families through research, policy and community engagement.


We will engage the public and state leaders to build systems removing obstacles and promoting opportunities for ALL Children to lead healthy, secure and fulfilling lives.


Informed research drives our direction. When a policy is good, we support it; when it is harmful, we fight it; when it is missing, we can create it. Community engagement is how we promote systems change.

Data and Research

The 2016 Kids Count in Nebraska Report provides pertinent information on the well-being of all children in areas of health, education, safety, and economic stability and features a special commentary on the period of life known as emerging adulthood.

Visit NEteractive, our online data center containing all the trusted data found in the book.


Children are our state’s greatest resource, and the decisions our leaders make about them impact our collective future. Our policy priorities are guided by research, data, and proven best practices that improve child well-being. We pay close attention to the impact of race, socioeconomic status, and geography, and seek to remove barriers to opportunity within these areas: