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Voices for Children Supports LB 627


Click Here to Read Voices for Children’s Full LB 627 Support Testimony

Voices for Children Testifying in Support of LB 627

On Monday afternoon, Voices for Children Economic Stability and Health Policy Coordinator Aubrey Mancuso testified in support of LB 627, which would provide for additional protections for pregnant workers under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act.

Voices for Children supports LB 627 because it is ensures that our laws are consistent with the Nebraska values of both family and hard work by ensuring that working women can help maintain the financial security of their families while pregnant. In 2010, about two-thirds of mothers were the primary or co-breadwinners for their family. When job related accommodations aren’t made for pregnancy, it can put families in an economically vulnerable situation at a time when their household expenses are about to increase. Additionally, many accommodations required for pregnancy are of minimal cost to the employer and since pregnancy is always a temporary condition, there can be benefits to both the employee and employer in being able to retain the worker in the long term.

LB 627 provides a commonsense solution for pregnant workers in Nebraska who are being asked to choose between their health and their livelihood. States and cities around the country have acted in a bipartisan fashion to pass similar protections. It is now up to Nebraska to ensure that pregnant workers can continue to do their jobs and contribute to the state’s economic success.

Click Here to Read Voices for Children’s Full LB 627 Support Testimony


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