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domestic violence

A new approach on domestic violence research

  Witnessing domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV) is harmful to children.  The popular belief is that women are the victims of IPV and men are the perpetrators.   Yet a comprehensive review of domestic violence research is challenging that notion.  The study suggests that “women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, as well…...

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Violence at home has a negative impact on kids

Most people would agree that witnessing violent actions committed on (or by) trusted adults can negatively impact a child’s development. What most people do not know is that violent physical outbursts are but one facet of Intimate Partner (Domestic) Violence.  According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund, Intimate Partner Violence…...

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25 for 25: Crossing the Domestic Violence and Child Welfare Divide

We are commemorating our 25th Anniversary with 25 posts about our history and accomplishments between now and the Spotlight Gala on September 15.  Join us for a celebration of Voices for Children and all of the organizations, lawmakers, and individuals who have supported our work on behalf of children.  For details, visit voicesforchildren.com/spotlight-gala.…...

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