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Sneak peek at Kids Count 2012!

Last week, the Kids Count in Nebraska 2012 Report went to press. Want a sneak peek at the cover?

How cute are these kids?

This is a special issue not just because this book will be the 20th edition, but also because we’re changing things up a bit this year.

Uh oh.

But no need to be afraid! We’re excited about the new book and think you’ll like it, too.


One of the most obvious changes you’ll see in the 2012 report is that it’s far more visually-oriented than in years past. We’ve condensed the narrative-heavy portions of reports past into shorter bites of information: more bullet points, more charts, and more infographics.

Great. So what else?

Go on...


This year’s report also features new data indicators. Early in the production process, we called meetings to gather child welfare and juvenile justice experts.


These experts joined us to share their thoughts on how we can best tell the story of child safety. These conversations led to the inclusion of new data indicators and insight into how best to present them. Many of these new data indicators appear in the commentary on child welfare.

We also have new indicators from the Nebraska Early Childhood Data Coalition. This group has shared with us indicators that shine a brighter light on how young children fare in our state.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the many experts who lent their data prowess to the production of this book. 


We can’t wait until Jan. 23, when the book is released and we get to share it with all of you!

Thank you to taking the time to share!

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