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Equality Before the Law: A primer

We are very happy to announce our topic for this year’s Kids Count in Nebraska commentary – Equality Before the Law: An Index of Race & Opportunity for Nebraska children!

In 2014, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released the Race for Results Index. With this index, we were able to see a mathematical representation of the disparity in opportunity among five racial groups nationally, and 4 in Nebraska. The Race for Results report was the impetus for much of Voices’ work in addressing systemic racial inequities through policy advocacy since its release and led to the creation of our own Index of Race & Opportunity for this year’s Kids Count commentary. Casey’s Race for Results Index provided a powerful tool to compare and contrast opportunity for children by race within a state and the nation as a whole. Because much data is not available at the national level or not comparable between states, we found the index fell short – especially in child welfare and juvenile justice. With that in mind, Voices for Children created our own index, using the same methodology as the Race for Results Index, but with our own set of indicators. This allows us to better represent the issue areas we work in – health, education, child welfare, juvenile justice and economic stability – and include six races by using different sources. This creates a more representative index that covers all areas of child well-being in Nebraska. In order to prepare to the release of this year’s report, we thought it would be a good idea to give you and ourselves a little refresher on the finding of Race for Results. Investigate the data highlights of the report in the infographic below, and don’t forget to register for the 2015 Kids Count in Nebraska release events and order your copies of the report!

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