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Say What? A Mini Dictionary of the Juvenile Court, Part II

Two weeks ago, we brought you the first part of this series, a back to basics dictionary of common terms and abbreviations used in the juvenile court and child welfare system.  Part II today looks at common players, documents/evidence, and services that can be ordered. People in the Room: County…...

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Say What? A Mini Dictionary of the Juvenile Court, Part I

Every field of specialization has its own vocabulary, and the Nebraska juvenile code is no different.  As a new legislative session begins and hundreds of bills are offered up for consideration, we here at Voices thought a quick (non-exclusive) list of definitions and commonly used acronyms might be helpful to…...

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Juvenile Justice in 2015

Over the past few days, Voices has been posting updates on the policies we will be tracking in 2015.  So far we’ve covered health care and child welfare, and today we are talking about juvenile justice.  One of our core mission values is to promote policies that assure children can…...

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Who are the kids in juvenile court?

Imagine a juvenile courtroom.  The goal is rehabilitation, the mission of the parties and judge to guard the best interests of the juvenile and ensure that he is set on a path to success in life.  Now imagine that youth walking into the courtroom toward you.  He is wearing a…...

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Race Matters in Juvenile Justice

In the wake of a violent fall, with the highly publicized deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, among others, disproportionate minority contact with the law has become a front page issue.  Though we are grateful that Nebraska has not suffered through a tragedy of this nature, information…...

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Four Stars for Nebraska’s Policies on Confidentiality

Anyone who has lived with a teenager won’t be surprised to learn that adolescent brain development is linked with risky decision-making, impulsivity, and novelty-seeking behavior.  Research has shown that experimentation is a key way the adolescent develops an independent sense of self. [1] Further, brain imaging of teenagers in recent years…...

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