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Faith Walker

Nebraska’s Children With Disabilities: Part Three

Children with disabilities have special health needs that are as individual to each child as a fingerprint.   The care of each child with a disability requires investment and attention to individual needs. Some disabilities are hard to see, – the same disability can impact different children in very different…...

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Nebraska’s Children with Disabilities: Part Two

Poverty is both a cause and consequence of disability. Children living in poverty have a much greater vulnerability to disease, especially during infancy and early childhood. Impoverished families are less likely to receive adequate health care, or to be able to pay for basic medical needs, and other necessary services.…...

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Nebraska’s Children with Disabilities: Part One

The 25th annual Kids Count in Nebraska Report includes an in-depth look at Nebraska’s children with disabilities. What is a Disability? Disability is an umbrella term reflecting the interaction between a person’s body and the society in which they live. People with disabilities experience one or more of the following three…...

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25 Years Ago, Congress Passed the FMLA. It Wasn’t Enough.

Anne Marie works at a daycare in Papillion. Anne Marie’s husband, Nick, is a nurse. They have two beautiful children, Ben, 7, and Maggie, 9, who were named after Anne Marie’s grandfather and Nick’s mother. Ben loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. Maggie watched…...

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