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The sequester’s impact in Nebraska, Part 2: Head Start

The first post in this series examined what exactly the sequester is, and a brief introduction to the anticipated impacts on Nebraska’s kids.  The second part of this multi-part series will focus on Head Start and Early Head Start. Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness…...

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By-the-numbers: Juvenile life without parole

Currently in Nebraska, judges are required to sentence youth who commit murder to life without parole, and cannot consider any relating factors such as the child’s age or life circumstances.  LB 44, which advanced to Select File today, would allow judges to consider the child’s circumstances when imposing a sentence.…...

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The sequester’s impact in Nebraska

The March 1st deadline for Congress to act to prevent the sequester has come and gone. Over the coming weeks Voices for Children will highlight some of the sequester’s impact on kids in Nebraska. We will begin with a brief overview of what the sequester is and how it is…...

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Youth treated as adults

Our juvenile justice system in Nebraska is out of balance in a number of ways.  When we dig into the data a bit we find two surprising statistics that demonstrate that fact: 1.) Of the 13,144 Nebraska youth arrested in 2011, only 1.5% were for violent crimes, yet 31.7% (or…...

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