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Aubrey Mancuso

How cuts to Medicaid impact a child’s health

  Having access to health care is critical for the healthy development of children.  However, in the last decade, we’ve seen a general trend in kids losing employer-sponsored health care, making Medicaid increasingly important for child health....

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Poverty Data: What we can do about it

  As you might be able to tell from yesterday’s post on the new poverty data, we at Voices for Children were appalled by the new numbers.  We put out a press release and a few people took notice, but in our biased (albeit highly researched) opinion, there should be…...

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STOP Child Poverty

    Child poverty is at its highest point in a decade – and still likely rising due to the recession. Growing up in poverty effects kids for life.  Kids who grow up in poverty are more likely to go hungry, less likely to have health insurance, and are less…...

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The Cliff Effect

  In order to pay for their basic needs without any help, a Nebraska family of 3 working full-time year-round needs to make $20.62 an hour. Along the way, there are sudden losses of work supports, like food stamps or child care subsidies, before a family actually makes enough to…...

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Principles for Health Care Exchanges

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) encourages states to establish new marketplaces, called “Exchanges,” that are meant to serve as a place where individuals and businesses can shop for coverage with the help of easy-to-understand information on all their options.  The Exchange will facilitate access to tax credits or Medicaid coverage that will…...

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