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advoKID Alert – Take action on LB 985 – Juvenile Services Pilot Project

Dear Advocate,

Please take a moment to contact your Senator and urge them to advance and fund LB 985!

Too often in Nebraska our juvenile justice system turns to out-of-home care, confinement, and state wardship for youth because of a lack of accessible, quality community- based services. We can do better for our children. Luckily, this legislative session we have a chance to invest in services that put our young people on a path to success, as opposed to pushing them deeper into the juvenile justice system.

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Today or early next week, LB 985 will come before the full Legislature for debate. This bill would authorize and fund the Office of Probation to run a pilot project that will increase access to community resources, keep children in their homes, and ensure children get what they need in the least restrictive way possible. For more information see our testimony.

We need your help to ensure LB 985 advances and is fully funded!

Please take a moment to tell your Senator you support LB 985 as a chance for real juvenile justice reform and smart investments in our youth.

Thank you to taking the time to share!

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