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5 scary facts about Nebraska’s kids and families

In honor of Halloween, we are counting down a few of the scariest facts we could think of related to Nebraska’s kids and families.

5) 69% of children in Nebraska who are uninsured are low-income and should qualify for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but are not enrolled.

4) 1 year of child care at a child care center costs an average of $7,747 for an infant. This equates to over 50% of earnings for a single parent working full time at the current minimum wage.

3) Every day in Nebraska, nearly 12 children experience some form of maltreatment.

2) Nebraska incarcerates children at the third highest rate in the country.

1) 1 in 8 Nebraska households is food insecure. Too many families do not know where their next meal is coming from.


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